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Are You Doing Dry January?

Are You Doing Dry January?

If you are then well done! The liver is the body’s dumping ground for toxins so it works very hard, especially over the festive period


The Liver is a remarkable organ that completely re-builds itself every 90 days, so every cell in your liver today will not be there in 3 months’ time! We all know that too much alcohol damages the liver, but other factors do as well. Unhealthy fats – trans, hydrogenated and saturated fats all damage the liver. These are the fats that invariably make foods taste nice and are used in cooking. Don’t be fooled by clever advertising about so-called “health spreads”, they contain fats that the liver can’t break down and are most definitely not healthy. Another food to avoid is processed pork, which includes bacon, salami and paté


Obesity: Overweight and obese people have excessive fat surrounding the liver which is a contributing factor to the onset of diabetes


Nutritional Support: 

  • Milk Thistle: This herb assists the proper regulation of cholesterol, it has antioxidant properties and has a protective effect to the liver

  • Magnesium: One of the most important minerals for human health and stored by the liver. Alcohol purges magnesium from the liver

  • Multi Antioxidant with Co-Q10: These important nutrients act as magnets to toxins in the body and help remove them, protecting the liver from further pollution


Post-January: I am sure that first drink will taste lovely! As a rule, try to have 2 clear days in a row off alcohol every week. Monday and Tuesday are a good idea, followed by “wine-Wednesday” if the mood takes you. Beware of abstinence during the week followed by binge drinking on the weekend. The liver doesn’t like alcohol “overload”, it deals much better with a couple of drinks each evening rather than gallons of it over a weekend. Excessive drinking also plays havoc with your blood sugars 



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