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Eat Good Fats, Avoid Bad Fats!

Eat Good Fats, Avoid Bad Fats!

Understanding this distinction can mean the difference between good health and bad health. Good fats are essential for human life and bad fats are likely to shorten it!


The Bad Fats:

1. Hydrogenated Fats are dangerous: This is a manufactured fat commonly used in processed foods and should be totally avoided. It is a fat hat has been altered by heat from a natural structure usually sourced from healthy polyunsaturated vegetable oil. Partial-Hydrogenation is an industrial process that utilizes hydrogen gas at high temperatures to modify the unsaturated fatty acids found in dietary plant oils into mutated substances. This process converts the structure of the unsaturated fatty acids in dietary oils from Cis-Fatty Acids to highly toxic trans-fatty-acids.


2. Trans-fatty acids: They are an altered form of healthy essential fatty acid and these chemical substances should not form any part of your diet. These undesirable fats are not required by the body and adversely interfere with the immune system, and increase risk and progression of cancer by altering the activity of liver enzymes. They form fatty deposits within blood vessel walls and are implemented in the formation of blood clots. Reducing animal fats in the diet reduces the production of harmful trans-fats


Food State Essential Fatty Acid Complex contains all of the important Omegas fatty acids: Essential fats are unfortunately very susceptible to damage from sunlight and air. Our essential fats (extracted from Flax seeds) are unique in that the Foodstate growth process protects the fats from becoming unstable or oxidised. No other process achieves this


Why are they Important? They support: The Immune System / The Cardiovascular System / Healthy Hair / Better Eye Sight / Improved Metabolism / Reduced Obesity / The Nervous System / Bones / Healthy Pregnancy. Healthy fats in the diet are best sourced from oily fish, nuts and seeds


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