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Re-Growing and Supporting Cartilage Damaged or eroded cartilage in the joints is one of the primary causes of joint pain, and an often unwelcome aggravation to sports players. It is a common mis-conception that cartilage cannot be replaced or repaired with proper nutrition. Unlike most other bodily tissue, cartilage is not fed with adequate blood supply to allow the body to repair itself quickly, so the healing process can be a lengthy one. Achieving the right balance of nutrition is important, for example, adequate Vitamin C and D is essential for holding glucosamine in the joint. Equally, the quality of the nutrition is fundamental to proper repair, and taking these nutrients in their food form (foodstate) is important to allow this healing process.
Cleansing the Body Perhaps the greatest threat to our health during the festive period is the excessive amount of acid that we consume. As a general rule, food (and drinks) which have an acid PH value are harmful to the health, and alkaline PH foods are healthy. There are of course exceptions because most fruit is acidic, but also contain vital nutrients. However, most other acidic foods should be restricted especially during a detox period, and they include dairy, meat, alcohol, processed food, fried food, sugar (in it’s many forms) and carbonated drinks (especially diet drinks).
Swine flu viral infections and immune system boosting nutrients A brief word on Colloidal Silver Silver is unique among antimicrobial agents in its broad spectrum of action (the silver protein form) has shown to effectively kill micro-organisms including many viruses. This form of silver has been claimed to kill some 650 different disease organisms. Some forms of oral silver are known to cause depletion of the body’s Selenium reserves.
Food and Beverages Choices When selecting foodstuffs - both food and beverages - we are deciding to consume nutritional foodstuffs, stimulant foodstuffs or intellectual foodstuffs. What do these terms indicate? Here is a brief introduction to such dilemmas.
Energy Enhancement in Sport It was interesting to note that all of these athletes found their energy levels increase after eliminating the chemical (so-called "natural") supplements. These athletes then took the dietary advice and Food State supplements and their progress increased. I really encourage you to read and understand the information in this newsletter, which offers the finest advice possible for preparing your body for excessive exercise.
The Case for Foodstate At Jersey Food State we promote the "Food State" concept of nutrition, but what are the essential differences between food state and what we refer to as the "Chemical" varieties of vitamins and minerals. Perhaps a more important question is why we take food state in preference to all the others.
Supporting the Immunity The objective of supporting a compromised immune system is to provide additional nutrients and other substances that form the basis of re-forming our dietary intake to target specific health building factors into a re-formed lifestyle.